For the Presenters and the Knowledge…

“For those seeking to experience Christianity in new and vibrant ways, Bishop John Shelby Spong offers fresh spiritual ideas. Over the past four decades, he has become one of the definitive voices for progressive Christianity.”

“Divine Audacity is a warm, accessible, down to earth approach to – dare we say it again – being the Light of the World! Through prose, story, and practices, Linda’s approach benefits the beginner and life-long ‘spiritual seeker’ to realize their innate Divine Identity.” –Paul Hasselbeck, Unity Institute

“Rev. Linda…took us to a new level of understanding of both prayer and our Divine Nature.”

To Connect and Inspire…

“Eastern Region Fall Conference always expands me in ways I never expected.” Rev. J.R.

“I go to fall conference to learn more about Unity and the larger Unity movement, to connect with others who have similar beliefs as I do and to restore and refresh. I really got a lot out of the Small Groups Meeting last year and plan to attend again.” Tina Simmons

“Fall conference always provides me with connection, support and updates on what is happening in our region and at ‘Big’ Unity worldwide. I come away immersed in new ideas and inspiration. The last time my ministry hosted the midweek service it brought powerful loving energy to our church home.” Rev. Julie Vance, Unity of Palmyra PA

“Connection, connection, connection at the heart level. Love it all and am particularly looking forward to the Small Groups Meeting like we had last year. It was great to sit down with others who are doing some of the same work in their ministries that I am and be reminded we don’t need to reinvent the wheel.” Donna Corbet, Administrator, Unity Renaissance, Chesapeake VA

“Something we can all do to advance our Unity movement is to find out more about the amazing work being done around our region by other churches. Attending functions and events, eating together and sharing in prayer provides both a catalyst for personal growth and a means to more fully unite with each other. It’s going to be a fun-filled and love-filled week!”