Metaphysical Interpretation discerns spiritual Truth in Scripture that is not immediately evident from the written word.  It renders insight into what is happening in consciousness that serves as a guide to our spiritual evolution and fulfillment in living.

Metagetics advances Metaphysical Interpretation for the transformation of the whole person – spirit, soul, body, and world.  It embraces Metaphysical Interpretation, and expands on it to provide an even greater experience of…

  • Connection with Spirit.
  • Awareness of history and meaning.
  • Physical vitality and enthusiasm for life.
  • Global purpose and contribution.

In Brief:

  • Metaphysical Interpretation is an enlightening process.
  • Metagetics is a transformational experience.

WAVES OF CONSCIOUSNESS:  Diving Into Metaphysics, Metagetics, and More.

Session I:  RIDING THE WAVES – Awakening to the Language of You.

A biblically based ice-breaker of self-discovery and interactive fun will help us get to know ourselves and each other a little better.

Session II:  DIVING IN – Learning the Language of God. 

This is a summary of Word, Truth, and Life, and how the Bible and its interpretation has existed within these domains through history.  It serves as a springboard for the journaling and sharing that leads us to a deeper understanding of our current relationship with the Bible, with life, and with the world.

Session III:  AN OCEAN OF AWARENESS – Connecting with the Language of the Word. 

This is done by working with the Spirit of the Word in the Bible.  Words from the Bible in their original languages bring in principles of philosophy, as well as Jewish and Christian mysticism, to awaken love and deepen our practice of prayer and contemplation.  This enhances our awareness of being the expressed breath of Spirit.

Session IV:  EXPLORING THE DEPTHS – Discovering the Language of Truth

In our search for the Soul of Truth found in Scripture, we will work, not just with the intellect, but with the heart-centered mind – or heartmind.  Through history, meaning, and spiritual logic, we will interact with the writers and world that created biblical Scripture in a way that brings us in touch with our own story of life and spirituality, rendering greater value to our interpretive work.

Session V: COMING ASHORE – Grounding in the Language of Life.

Through breath and heartmind awareness the message of life, and/or ministry, from our work with Scripture will be clarified for each of us.  Then we will bring movement to the message and mastery to life through exercises of gentle motion and creative vision.  In this we will discover, and/or renew, the practices that make our lives a living message from the language of God for our world.  Finally, we will close by having the opportunity to share our individual messages with each other.