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The purpose of this page is to help those interested in spiritual development by supporting people at any stage of the journey into enlightenment. Whether you are a Licensed Unity Teacher, have completed a few SEE (Spiritual Education & Enrichment) classes or are even just thinking about taking classes, bookmark this page and return to it when question arise.


Contact Amy Joslin for questions related to SEE courses and becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher.

For information about becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher: 

Licensed Unity Teacher Program Page

Enrollment Form

Licensing for Teachers Booklet

Areas of Study 



Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, your path at Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI) begins with Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) courses. SEE courses can be taken in the field at Unity centers, or online through UWSI.  Courses can be taken for your own spiritual enrichment, often called the Spiritual Development Program (SDP),or in preparation for becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher or a Unity Minister.

Licensed Unity Teacher Studies

The purpose of the Licensed Unity Teacher Program is to provide Unity ministries with leaders who are equipped to serve and support a Unity minister and ministry.  This leadership program is designed to deepen understanding of Unity principles and develop valuable assets for church communities.

The LUT program training is now part of the Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute

The Focus Areas for becoming an LUT are: Adult Education, Administration, Pastoral Care, Music Ministry or Youth and Family Ministry.

The first phase of becoming an LUT involves completing 25 SEE courses.  Refer to details on the UWSI website for details on specific requirements.  Once the 25 per-requisites are successfully completed, candidates apply for the LUT leadership program and choose a focus area.  Once accepted into the LUT program, candidates complete 12 more courses in 3 week-long intensive sessions that take place on campus at Unity Village, and participate in a final exam referred to as the Skills Demonstration Seminar (SDS).

Continuing Education Program

Additional Resources


LUT Reports

  • LUT reports must be submitted by March 31. 

Maintaining LUT Status 

  • Clear criteria for maintaining active status, coherent process for addressing concerns, and processes for regaining active status if it is lost.

Village Leadership Facebook 

  • A group page and a great pace to ask questions

Syllabi for teaching classes once you are an LUT

  • Select For Instructors menu and then Syllabi – SEE – Instructors

UnityLeaderStuff Google Drive

  • Contains a lot of information, study guides, lessons and more

Truth Unity

  • Another great resource for Unity teachings, videos, etc.

Free Online Education 

  • For general help on anything from Technology tutorials to effective communication 

Continuing Education

  • Information about your continuing education CEU Requirement

Tuition Information

  • Tuition, fees, scholarships and more

LUT/ SEE Events of Interest

Great new events are on their way. Keep checking here.

LUT Representative: Amy Joslin

“When I walked through the doors of Unity on the River more than seventeen years ago, I like so many, felt as though I had come home to myself. I heard the message that I am divine and that because I move, live and have my beingness is the realm of pure potentiality ALL THINGS are possible!  The Unity teachings resonated with me on a soul level and I could not get enough of them in my first few years. I jumped right into service at Unity on the River in Amesbury, Massachusetts. Serving in many capacities.

My greatest joy was serving as the Director of Adult Education. I truly believe that awareness of our divinity is the catalyst for our own transformation. This is why I am such an passionate advocate for the Unity classes we offer. Unity classes raise our own consciousness and give powerful tools to support us in showing up as the best”Christ” we can be. “ I also discovered my joy of connection. I love helping students find the classes that they need. I love building connection between Unity communities, having coordinated several successful  SEE weekends and an incredible SEE week at Unity on the River.

My personal mission statement is:

I am Divine LOVE here  to be and provide a sacred vessel and as so allow those around me to feel and know the palpable presence of God both within themselves and as infinite possibility.

My Core values are LOVE, Christ Consciousness, Transcendformation, Dancing,  and Gratitude.

I humbly try to live my mission and values to the best of my ever evolving awareness.


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