Schedule of Activities for Friday, October 1st

10:00 am

Musical Prayer and Meditation with Gary Hardnett: Visions for the Illuminated Soul

10:30 am to 12:30 pm

PHYGITAL MINISTRY – A Whole Person Endeavor – Part 3

Presented by Revs. Ogun Holder and Kelly Isola

PART 3: Soulful Alignment – Empower the Community

In this third segment, we will cover some of the “heart” elements of ministry, the deep connecting, healing, powerful aspects of spiritual growth – for individuals and whole communities. We will continue to look at some trends and generational differences around what connection and healing means and looks like. Time will be spent diving deeper into unconscious assumptions of what being open and vulnerable means in person and online. Topics include:

  • Making connections, relationship building online
  • Innovative leadership shifts
  • Use of rituals and contemplative practices online, and for those who prefer in person
  • Reshaping our teaching and practices of being vulnerable online
  • Creating an environment that is safe and brave for any topic, any person, at any time
  • Designing fellowship time that invites people into an intentional spiritual practice
  • Looking at our prayer practices, engaging digital prayer life, how do we practice it individually and collectively, fit within our broader prayer life and the physical church

Phygital Ministry – A Whole Person Endeavor

  • Developing an effective ministry model which builds on your physical ministry by helping it grow and multiply digitally
  • Blend of physical and digital ministry – phygital – not as a replacement of community, but a birth of a new kind of community engaging the head, hands and heart in order to evolve and thrive
  • Deconstructing the traditional Tabernacle Church Model and reconstructing and reimagining from a different paradigm
  • Reimagining traditions, practices, celebrations, giving, healing and more




Rev. Ogun Holder

Rev. Ogun Holder is an ordained Unity Minister, a certified Spiritual Coach, and co-founder of project_SANCTUS – a safe, brave, online space to discover and be our Holiest self, and in so doing, together, create a world of equanimity, justice and love for all.

His many titles over the years include speaker, teacher, author, podcaster, blogger, musician, parent, social media consultant, a WEPSS Certified Enneagram Instructor, and a self-proclaimed geek.

Originally from Barbados, Ogun moved to the USA in 1994 to pursue a degree in Music Therapy. As a Music Therapist he worked successfully with a variety of populations in schools, hospitals, adult day-care facilities, and his own private practice. He is also an experienced church music director, having served multiple communities.

A humorous and engaging speaker, Ogun has been invited to speak and lead workshops at churches and spiritual centers across the country.


Rev. Kelly Isola

Rev. Kelly Isola, is a culture-builder and a catalyst for personal and organizational development, and co-founder of project_SANCTUS – a safe, brave, online space to discover and be our Holiest self, and in so doing, together, create a world of equanimity, justice and love for all. She is a transformative consultant, teacher, and author who shares her passion for living the two-fold path of an engaged spiritual life – embracing the inner path of wisdom and healing, as well as demonstrating the outer path of compassionate service. She holds several certifications in leading edge models of human and organizational development – focusing on how we create and relate to ourselves, each other and the world – as well as her specialty: the spiritual practice of conflict transformation through embodying paradox.

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