Music Ministers:

Jan Garrett and JD Martin

Jan Garrett and JD Martin are multi-award-winning singer songwriters who live and create their music in the mountains of Colorado near Aspen. Both are seasoned performers and creative guides who teach with a twinkle, and inspire by example. They call their 19-year partnership “The Heart of Harmony” not only because they are happily married (to each other) but because they get to write, record, sing, and play their music for appreciative audiences around the country, and beyond. Their music is rich and intelligent, a velvet-hammer wake-up call as satisfying to the soul as it is to the ear…songs to open the heart and refresh the spirit


The Heart of Harmony: Stay Tuned

Tuesday, September 25 | 2:30PM to 5PM


“There is a heart of harmony we are all longing to tune into. It’s the direct experience of remembering, with great relief, who we really are. The words suggest a path. The music takes us there.”

Jan and JD will take us on an exhilarating ride through this heart of harmony, weaving their award-winning songs into a powerful message that is uplifting, comforting, fiery, funny, and deeply moving on all levels. They remind us, up close and personal, that we are all a part of “One Heart.”

This conference is all about CARE……

– Care for ourselves, through dedicated spiritual practice, and the awakening awareness that we are surrounded by and infused with Divine Love Intelligence and aliveness in every moment. Meditation is an “Open Invitation.”

– Care for each other through open-hearted connection, the spirit of generosity and compassion, and the pure joy of remembering we are all living in the “Middle of a Miracle.” Even the tricky interactions inspire and fuel our mutual evolution.

– Care for creation in general, stepping into gratitude and aligned right action, as we bring our unique gifts and talents blazing into this world. We stay tuned, take heart, and “Do the Right Thing,” whatever that may be for each of us individually and collectively.

With grace and good humor, Jan and JD embody the joy of living from and through the Heart, the center of our natural well-being and the home of our true belonging.

“Living in the Heart of God”