Mental Health Therapist, Minister and Author of “The ‘I AM’ Solution”

Dr Karmen Smith has put together for us steps necessary to live a forgiving, fulfilling life. She offers a unique approach to helping you reach your goals for an awesome life. Dr Karmen says “I know that unforgiveness can have an impact on your health causing stress and creating more experiences of trauma. Stop the cycle of pain by taking action to eliminate undesired experiences from your life.

Dr Smith is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an ordained minister (Doctor of Divinity). In college her major was Mental Health Research with an emphasis on learning and processing information. She has over twenty years in the mental health and child welfare field and has helped many to stop dysfunctional cycles and live drama free lives.

About her work she says:  “You no longer need to hold onto unforgiveness or resentment There is an easy to understand program for you to release the pain and forgive.”

Conference Presentation:

Emotional Healing: Allowing Our Heart to Open Fully

Monday, September 24th | 7PM – 9:30PM

Emotional Healing- The Awakening of Your Authentic Self

  • Learn how to awaken the world through your own self-discovery
  • What does connection, Unity and Oneness feel like?
  • Transform the National and Global dialogue to what must I BE to bring about real change

Tuesday, September 25th | 11AM – 1PM

F.E.A.R.- From Ego Altering Reality

  • The Human Hamster Wheel is a model developed by Dr. Karmen Smith which explains the cycle of suffering that fear generates
  • The addiction of pain and fear
  • Using the model to increase compassion for yourself and others
  • How to break the cycle of emotional reactivity
  • Techniques and tools that we can use to break the pattern of suffering

Thursday, September 27th | 11AM – 12:30PM

Show up and Shine: Embracing Love

  • The model, The Five Pointed Star developed by Dr. Karmen Smith describes the practices that can cultivate a life that reveals more of the Light of God
  • Attributes of The Light of God are illuminated as we practice the five activating elements
  • Developing a daily practice that affirms light within is crucial
  • How can we show up with Love in every situation?


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