About Unity Church of Tidewater

Rev. Ann Frances will open your heart!

Unity Church of Tidewater is a diverse community open to all religions and creeds – without intent or attempt to convert.  Our Sunday services are reverent and centered on teachings from the Bible. 

By applying spiritual principles in a Christ-centered way, we learn how to bring forth the gifts of the Spirit and live a dynamic, joy-filled and abundant life.

Please join us for Sunday Services each week at 11a.m. for an hour of spiritual inspiration, guidance and uplifting music.


10:30 AM Meditation Prayer Service

11:00 AM Church Service  

11:00 AM Sunday School with Nursery


We are currently holding services in-person and virtually with Facebook Live.

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Meet the Minister

Reverend Ann Frances was welcomed as the minister to Unity Church of Tidewater November 1, 2017. She is a 2014 graduate of Unity Institute and Seminary, Unity Village, MO. and was licensed and ordained through Unity Worldwide Ministries. In 2007 she began her Unity studies and began her metaphysics career in 2011 as a Licensed Unity Teacher. Shortly upon embarking on her LUT path, a path evolved into ministry.

Embracing Unity principles changed Reverend Ann’s life. Unity took the Bible off a shelf in her home and it became a metaphysical tool to enhance her life and teachings today. Understanding that we are born of Original Blessing has opened up the avenue of good in Rev Ann’s life. Prayer followed by trust in the process is her ongoing practice of thought.

She brings to Unity Church of Tidewater a broad range of spiritual teaching and leadership experience: Sunday Services, special Holiday Services, World Day of Prayer Service, White Stone Ceremony, Burning Bowl Ceremony and healing services. Reverend Ann is also a trainer of Unity Prayer Chaplains and she will facilitate various adult education curriculum following the Unity Spiritual Education and Enrichment Programs. Reverend Ann believes that while pursuing continuing education is when lasting change truly begins.

Reverend Ann also has training and experience as a spiritual counselor using the Unity 5-step Counseling Process as developed by Reverend Robert Brumet. During her schooling, she interned at Rosebrook Women’s Shelter.

As a passionate and vibrant speaker Reverend Ann demonstrates that goodness is our Divine Nature. All are invited to uncover, discover and recover the Light of God expressing uniquely as them. Jesus said, “You are the Light of the World.”



We welcome her to Unity Church of Tidewater as a loving, appreciative and powerful force for God. We invite you to attend her services and classes as you move forward as a student of Truth.