Let’s be honest; for the last eighteen months, our focus has mostly been on “when can we get back to normal.” In the process, we have bypassed the opportunity to accept and let go. “Honoring Grief, Together: A Journey into Winter’s Dream” is a creative and collaborative workshop experience that will allow us to explore a part of our lives that we may have bypassed during the pandemic: Grief.

  • What is grief?
  • How does it show up?
  • How can we recognize grief, accept its gifts for healing, and embrace renewed excitement for life?

Honoring Grief, Together: A Journey into Winter’s Dream” will embrace wisdom and opportunity, using the cycle of the seasons. Winter is a time to look within, clear what may be unknown, and become ready for what will be. A time of preparation by allowing things to die and become fertilizer for new growth. As we gather and support one another in being ready for Winter, we will lean into being ready, to be ready for a new dream in Spring.

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Alva Kershaw

Alva Kershaw is a highly sought after Psycho-therapist that specializes in grief recovery. She is the founder and Owner of Touchstone Counseling Services. Alva is the mother of two beautiful daughters and of all of her roles, this is her favorite. Alva was licensed and ordained in 2019, as a Pastor in a non-denominational faith tradition, allowing her work with people and community to expand.

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Janell Renshaw

Janell Renshaw is a Licensed Unity Teacher who is spirit-led with extensive experience in youth-related environments and progressive skills in the area of Adolescent Behavior. I am professional, grounded, and able to implement new functions and practices rapidly without compromising integrity. Janell is organized and meticulous, with the ability to communicate effectively in a wide variety of situations.

A quality educator who teaches from the heart with superior interpersonal skills. Extensive knowledge and personal experience of Unity principles, yoga, and philosophy.

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