Schedule of Activities for Wednesday, October 7th

8:00 am

Morning Prayer and Meditation with the Facilitators of the Subregions of the Heart Connection Network.

8:30 am to 10:30 am

Unity Worldwide Ministries Eastern Region Business Meeting

11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Social Media and Beyond

Presented by Cheryl Fare, LUT

We are well into the 21st century, and one thing is for sure – social media is here to stay!  The 2020 pandemic has dramatically revealed deep levels of connection for ministries using social media. Even if it’s not your thing on a personal level, embracing social media on behalf of your Unity center is the best way to ensure that there is a future for your ministry.  In short – learn to love social media! (1.5 CEU Hours)

Cheryl Fare, LUT Unity Eastern Region Secretary

Cheryl Fare is a Licensed Unity Teacher and performing arts professional with a more than 35-year career as a writer, actor, director, producer and musician. As an LUT, Cheryl’s focus area is Administration with a specialty in social media. She manages social media platforms for several non-profit organizations and ministries, including Unity of Bon Air, where she serves as Communications Coordinator.

Read more about Cheryl in our resource listings.

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Creating an Uninterrupted Wave of YOUniversal Prosperity

Facilitated by Reverends Bil and Cher Holton

Are you tired of using the prosperity principles you’ve been taught, without experiencing the results you expect? We were there, and stopped teaching Prosperity all together until we could do enough research to figure out what was missing. In this session, we explode the myths that many people have been taught about how prosperity principles work, and share our YOUniversal Prosperity Truth Principles to achieve health, happiness, inner peace, and financial freedom. As a result of this session, participants will:

  • Create a new definition for YOUniversal Prosperity that includes health, happiness, inner peace, and financial security;
  • Evaluate their current level of satisfaction in the four key areas, and identify ways to improve them;
  • Replace the current Prosperity Principle Myths with new, scientifically-supported YOUniversal Prosperity Principles that lead to an uninterrupted flow of health, happiness, inner peace, and financial security;
  • Experience the benefit of an updated approach to the Law of Mind Action and Manifestation;
  • Receive a Spiritual Adventure for YOUniversal Prosperity as a spiritual practice.

(1.5 CEU Hours)

Rev. Bil and Rev. Cher Holton

Combine a flair for the dramatic, a deep understanding of metaphysics, a commitment to a “bumped up theology,” an ability to think outside the box, and a knack for bringing scientific research and spiritual practices to life in practical ways—and you have defined the dynamic duo of Revs. Drs. Bil & Cher Holton. They currently lead a global on-line Unity-approved, Events-driven Alternative Ministry dedicated to helping people master the art of living as they walk the spiritual path on practical, positive, prosperous feet.

4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Towards A More Inclusive World View

Presented by Rev. Joy Wyler, J.D. and Rev. Sandra Campbell

Today, more than ever, we are being asked to examine the lens through which we see the events unfolding in our world. How much do we know about our own history and how it shapes a worldview? Join Reverends Joy Wyler and Sandra Campbell as they provide an empathetic, lived experience insight into creating a more inclusive worldview.

A Power Point timeline will be used to illustrate some pivotal events in the last hundred years that may impact how worldviews might be formed and shaped.  Participants will be asked to take a moment to reflect on their knowledge of these events.

A video will be shared in which Reverend Sandra (presenting a Black perspective) and Reverend Joy (presenting a disability perspective) will interview each other around: a painful Unity experience; an uplifting Unity experience and sharing a personal insight.

Cindy Wigglesworth describes two different “Worldview” skills in her 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence.  Using Power Point and lecture we will introduce how Wigglesworth describes a “worldview” and how both our own view and our awareness of the view of others is shaped.  There will be a brief discussion on information shared from a “I know about it” vs “I lived this experience” perspective.

Using brief self-assessment questions developed separate from Wigglesworth assessment materials, participants will reflect on their worldview of race, physical ability, and the common good.

A new set of assessment questions will invite participants to empathetically consider a worldview different than our own about the same characteristics. After paired sharing, there will be a group discussion about how we can utilize awareness to create a more inclusive worldview for ourselves and our ministry.

This session is approved for completion of mandatory inclusivity training for ministers and LUTs.

(1.5 CEU Hours)

Rev. Joy Wyler, J.D.

Rev. Joy Wyler (pronouns she/her) recently retired after serving as the minister of Unity of Lehigh Valley for eleven years. She currently serves on the board of Unity World Headquarters and previously served as president of our Eastern Region Board. With a Juris Doctorate from UMKC Law, Rev. Joy has taught courses in Ethics and Diversity since 2001. To see more from Rev. Joy, please visit her blog, Radical Wholeness on the web at or on Facebook. (photo caption: a White female upper body pictured with shoulder length, curly, auburn hair and burgundy dress with white/black flowers. She is smiling and turning slightly towards the camera)


Rev. Sandra Campbell

Rev. Sandra Campbell (pronouns she/her) currently serves as Associate Minister at Unity Temple on the Plaza, and leads the Courageous Conversations Initiative group. She is an Adjunct Professor with Webster University and Unity Urban Ministerial School, where she also serves on the Board of Directors, and since March 2018 as Executive Director of the School. Rev. Sandra Campbell is a member of the Unity World Headquarters board of directors and is the most recent recipient of the Ruth M. Mosley Award for Excellence in Urban Ministry.(photo caption: a Black female smiling with shoulder length black hair. She is wearing a white jacket with a red top.)

7:00 pm

Mid Week Service Livestreamed from Unity Tidewater